True To Your Heart

I am inspired by a song with the same title, sang by Stevie Wonder and 98 degrees (OST Mulan). I just realized how good it is to be true to your heart at all time. it might easy to say, ‘Please, be true to your heart! Because lies won’t make you feel any better!’. But, the process of being true to your heart is actually a long process.

I had a crush with my friend a few months back and I kept it for myself back then. I showed it by doing a lot of things with him and tried not to be too obvious. We shared a lot of things and pour out our emotions into the same bowl, so that we might see the beautiful of those emotions. I thought I would not be able to find a better guy than him (you don’t have to check my brain, it is perfectly normal when you have a crush onto someone), because I could be myself, just be myself. I was not worry to say whatever I wanted to say. I did not think twice to show him the true of me, with all my weaknesses and strength. So, I thought it was a good sign.

Then, he did his best to be true to his heart! And he made it awesomely… But unfortunately, this most valuable truth was the one who made me stop from my step-forward to approach him.

To cut the long story, I made my last effort to be true to myself by telling him that I had a crush on him, once. He said that he could sense that. But then again, the truth had been spoken and we could not do anything upon it.

What I want to say is that being true to your heart can help you to reach a stage in which you won’t feel betrayed by your own feeling, a stage where you can trust yourself at the highest level. When lies are covering your life, you will take a lot of times to create another new layer of lies and you won’t have time to do useful things. When lies are consuming you, then you won’t be able tp find the truth of everything that you are doing.

Truth can be hurtful, when it is said. But truth will open a new horizon in front of you. By telling the truth, people will understand you as who you are. By telling the truth, you can understand others as who they are. No barriers need to be build, just because you need to hide your feeling or your thought.

So, be true to your heart, as much as you can.

Be blessed!

Unexpected Ending

I believe that every one of us had the experiences of predicting of how a movie or story will be ended. We try to analize the ending by using the previous life events, incidents, habits of the main characters/heroes or environmental factors. When the prediction we make is accurate, then we can say that the movie is predictable or we can expect something at the end of the movie.

Our lives are full of story and we are the writers of our lives – try not to see it in religious point of view. Sometimes we plan something so carefully to be done at one point of our lives. Some times, the plans work so good and we can be pleased with the results. But at some other times, the end of the stories become very unexpected and we couldn’t predict it in advanced.

I heard a story of someone from my past today. I heard that he just entered a monatery, to be a brother in that place. Out of my predictions, he chose to live a new life after all. He used to be a skillful worker at internationally known hair treatment company in Japan and Singapore. He was known as a good son in his family, and even though he had several unsuccesful love stories, he still known as someone with dignity and pride.

His best friend shared a story that since last month, he decided to enter 3 months probation to be a brother in a Catholic monastery at Rawaseneng, Central Java. I am still wondering to myself about his decision, because I knew his past and he was not into such thing.

I learned one thing from this incident, that we can have what-so-called Unexpected Ending, in which we can’t predict the closing of our stories and we never know our next steps. I know I am not being scientific now, but .. Not every decision can be predicted scientifically.

Lesson Behind Strawberry Juice

Early this afternoon, I had an idea to make strawberry juice for my family. My dad bought 2 big packs of fresh strawberry yesterday and I found a half jar of guava juice (very thick and sweet) in the fridge. This idea was completed by my will to have a healthy diet menu (fingers crossed).

So, during dinner hour, I sneaked to the kitchen. First, I wash a handful of strawberry and put them inside the mixer. Then, I said a prayer while I poured the guava juice. The final step was pouring water and add ice cube. I mixed all the ingredients altogether and with a careful move; I pour half glass of the juice. I started to drink it and taste on my own juice… I was pleased.


I handed the first glass to my cousin, and he said that it was too sour.

Then, I handed the second glass to my aunt and she loved it! She said the taste was just perfect (made me relieved).

Another cousin made a face when she drank the juice. I guess, she did not like the juice at all.

My sister-in-law liked that juice too. She said it was a glass full of freshness.

My parents did not really like it, because they said it was too sweet (they have to control their sugar input).

Anyway, I learned a lesson today. I know now how does it feels to be my mom, when she serves the food for her family. My mom is one of a kind. She always cooks for her family and loves every moment of sharing the food. She praises us whenever we can empty the plates and not leave any food behind.

My mom is my role model. I would love to be a good cook like she does, beside I am too lazy to start. I hope this strawberry juice lesson would give me a good start to learn how to cook for my family. I am pretty sure that appraisal and condemnation would take part in my process of learning.

Personal Review on ‘Marley & Me’

Actually, I borrowed this DVD from a friend of mine. He suggested me to watch this ‘Marley & Me’ movie because according to him, I would be able to sharpen my sensitivity. Well, I took the DVD and obviously I ignored his purpose. If Marley could inspired John Grogan to write in his columns, he also inspired me to write on my blog.  And this is my personal review on that movie…

About Marley…

I love dogs, cats any other pat-able pets, but I am not going to have them in my own house. My mom has 2 cats at our house now and I don’t really do things with them. I think I am just a fan of pets, but not a pet person.

When I watch this ‘Clearance Puppy’ messing around in Grogan’s house, I was absolutely sure that I won’t have any pets in the future. I can’t imagine living a house, in which I have to take care and clean up every now and then, to be messed up by a dog! I believe that would bring me high … to the max anger level.

But … when I watched Marley’s expression when Jenny had to lose her first baby, I was touched. Even though he was labelled as the ‘world’s worst dog’, he had that connection with his ‘parents’, the Grogans. He was calm and accompany Jenny when she cried. He could understand the pain that his parents had. Awesome creature, isn’t it!

When it came to the scenes where he was going to die, I had nothing to say. I only had tears! One reason why I dislike to have pets is because I hate saying goodbye! I had a cat before and when she died, it took me and my family a while to feel better. Even until today, we always say that there is no other cats better that our old Cemot.

About marriage life

Well, I love Grogan’s kissing scenes. They were natural and truly express their love on to each other. But, marriage? Somehow, it’s still hard to go through. Marriage life needs two people who always know and understand about their love, commitment, relationship and responsibility. None of that aspect can dissapeared without having your marriage life disturb.

Marriage is also a way to be together with your loved one, through good and rough times. Again, if you can embrace all the good times during the rough times, then you can keep the fire on. But, if you can’t embrace all the good times during your bad times, then there is no point of keeping the marriage alive.

So, if you feel like questioning your love life … watch this movie. It will give you a new way of seeing love through bad times. And also, how to love unconditionally. Like the Grogans love Marley … even though he was the world’s worst dog. Well, that dog was able to make me cry…

Story of A Girl : Reflection on Second Chance

There was a girl who were born and grew up in a small town with her happy family. Her father was a hard-working man who would do anything for her and her siblings. Her mother was a fighter who would let down her family. Simply to say, she was a happy girl.


When she was a teenager, she looked around her and found out that chance was something big. A small chance could change the world into a better place. A small chance for her to do well at school would bring her into a brighter future. Therefore she hold on to that belief. So far, she had no problems to perform well at school.

When she was a young woman, she hold on to that belief even firmly. Until one day, she came into a conclusion that she did not need a second chance in her life because everything went well. She believed that plans and precautionary behaviors were needed to support her to perform well in everything that she did. So, whenever she saw mistakes done by others, she would smile onto herself and said to herself that those people were a bunch of morons. They put themselves in despair and threw away their precious chance, a lifetime chance to perform well.

Now, she’s a grown up woman. I said, a grown up woman to separate the old her with what she is now. She’s a grown up woman with mistakes in her past. She now believes that second chance is something bigger than the first chance. Everybody might get that first chance to do anything, but not everyone will get a second chance in their lives. She realized that truth now, because she had given that second chance to fix her life and bounce even higher than before.

If she did not do those mistakes, she may still the same old naive woman who believed in first chance only. Those mistakes were the best experiences for her. Those mistakes were there to be the key of her brighter future.

That woman is me.


Dream Big: Pursuing One’s Personal Legend

Yes, dream big! I’ve talked to a number of people about having a big dream, a real big one. But only a few of them can have the same perception like I do. Did I blame them? No, I did not. It’s truly their right not to have a big dream in their lives. Or maybe they had it once, but slowly time made them forget about that dream.

Everybody has their own Personal Legend (The Alchemist – Paulo Coelho). It is something that we have always wanted to accomplish. It sounds easy to understand, but it takes a lifetime to really achieving your dreams. There is one negative force known as the world’s greatest lie: that at a certain point of our lives, we lose control of what’s happening to us, and our lives become controlled by fate (p. 20).

In order to chase our Personal Legend, we need to be persistent and never giving up. Sounds classics? They do! But they prove themselves as the best tools to achieve your biggest dream. Being persistent means Inclined to persist; having staying qualities; tenacious of position or purpose. . While never giving up can lift up your spirit to work even harder when problems struck.

My Personal Legend

Perth : My Personal Legend

I know how it feels to dream big. Maybe some of you understand it very well. For those who has forgotten their big dreams, try to look inside yourself, how bad do you want to make that dreams come true. Every time is a perfect time to start pursuing your dreams.

It’s not a game, so it’s not about the chase. It’s a process of making our dreams come true. So, I wish you all the best and .. Keep on keeping up!

Another Lesson from Randy Pausch

I just finished viewing the complete video on ‘Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams’ by Randy Pausch. I got it for free from

He prepared that lecture for his 3 children, not for us (he called it the 2nd head fake). He had some points to deliver on the lecture.

1st : His childhood Dreams.

  • Float on zero gravity (done)
  • Play on NFL (he played football, even though not make it to NFL)
  • Be Captain Kirk
  • Being an Imagineer for Disney (he’s done it)

When he talked about his childhood dreams, he did not hesitate to share it with us. He really got the motivation from that dreams and he worked hard enough to get them all done. Some of his dreams come true when he was already a professor. He’s able to tear down the words ‘too late’ for such childhood dreams.
2nd : Enable others to achieve their dreams.

While catching his dreams, he tried hard to enable others to achieve their dreams too! Like a story of his students who were together in a project called ‘Building Virtual World’. It was started as a class project and turned out to be something much bigger than that. So, he taught the class about computer science (which I don’t really get it) and had a project with his students. I believe it was part of his dream as an Imagineer, because his students then create their own virtual worlds as part of the project.

One thing that touched me so deep was his effort to enable his son to achieve his dream. He brought his oldest son to play with dolphins. He believed that his son won’t forget that soon. And I believe that’s a way that he chose to be remembered by his son…

If you have abandoned your childhood dreams, it’s time to catch them!

The Last Lecture

Prof. Randy Pausch had gone (July 25, 2008), but his ‘Last Lecture‘ will left a deep mark on everybody who listen to it. I just found out this website yesterday from a blog of Mark Brady.

Randy Pausch and his children

Randy Pausch and his children

Randy Pausch is a Professor of Computer Science in Carnegie Mellon University (CMU). He had terminal pancreatic cancer and still able to bring his last lecture in front of 400 colleagues and friends. On the interview with ABC, he said that his disease is not something ‘unfair’. He considered himself to be unlucky. He always speaks that way about himself. But, when he tells the story of his 3 children, he almost in tears. He says, ‘This is unfair’ because he will never be able to save his family when people put his family on the top of the hill. And that’s truly unfair…

This story reminds me of Morrie (on Tuesdays with Morrie). The two of them share their last lecture for each of us who want to learn something from their lives. Morrie believed that the most important thing in our lives is LOVE. And so is Randy, people wrote about how his lecture had inspired them to spend more time with loved ones, to quit pitying themselves, or even to shake off suicidal urges”.

I also learn a valuable lesson on how to catch my dreams. He says that “brick walls are there for a reason. They let us prove how badly we want things.” I know how badly I want to get my dreams come true and I will keep on keeping up (Joyce Meyer).

My thank you for Professor Randy and Morrie!

So, how do we want to give our last lecture to others?

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

Prince Caspian

Prince Caspian

I know it’s a bit late (or is it way too late?) to review this movie. It’s been almost 3 months late since the premiere of this movie in Indonesia. I have to admit that I love this movie! Not because the casts (they were very eye-catching though!) but the lessons that I could gain from that movie.

1. It taught me that working hard on something is not merely a hard work. We need faith, pray and hard work. In the process of making Prince Caspian to be a king, there were a lot of struggling, wars, tears and losing hope. It’s normal in our lives to lose hope and (almost) giving up. But the difference between the winner and the loser is: winner knows how to get back to his feet and gain those lost hope again.

Lucy and Aslan

Lucy and Aslan

2. If we are God believer, try to compare Aslan with God. Because I think Aslan is the symbol of God. He can’t be seen when the problems come, but He will always be there, watching us grow through all of the problems that we face. When we believe in Him, He will open the way for our journey (remember when Lucy fell into the rock beneath her). Aslan is a king of all kings. He always comes at the perfect time, because for everything in this earth, there is time.

3. All of us need that side of being a child. Not to say childish. It’s a way of being simple and pure. A child is known for being true to her heart, just as Lucy. That’s way she was the only one who can see Aslan in the forest, because she really saw Him. By being simple and pure, a child can really listening!

4. Free our imagination. What is wrong with the dancing trees? or talking animals? Don’t ever forget our childhood days where everything is possible. When we trust God, working hard and being sincere… then nothing is really impossible.

King Edmund on a fight

King Edmund on a fight

Well, I think we can learn a lot from others… and from a movie.

Quotable quotes:

Lucy Pevensie: They’re so still.
Trumpkin: The trees? What did you expect?
Lucy Pevensie: They used to dance.

Telmarine Soldier Killed by Reepicheep: You’re a mouse.
Reepicheep: You people have no imagination!

Conversation with An Old Man

I was in a train. My first time in this train. I took so many trips with trains before, but this time I have to admit that I regret it. I regret it because the train was dirty, smoky and windy. Smoky because people can smoke inside the train. Windy because they have those open windows all the way down to my hometown. People can sit wherever they want without a need to check on their seat numbers. Well, what else to expect?

With his old man

With his old man

But I was grateful when I found an empty seat beside this old man, on his late 50s I guess. He was very nice to me and he accompany me during the trip. He told me stories about his own family, his friends, his workplace and many more. I found out that we still be able to learn about someone else’s life everywhere, even when we stuck in the train.

He’s been working hard his whole life. But he never complained. He always be grateful with what he has. Even in his age now, he has to work to support his family. He said that he never afraid to lose a job, because he has skills. He worked as a shoemaker in one of a big shoes company in Indonesia and now he’s working as shoes repairman in one shopping market. He has to travel to Malang every two or three weeks because his wife is taking care of her mother (his mother-in-law) and she couldn’t accompany him in Surabaya. For me, it is an unfortunate, but for him, it’s his wife’s responsibility to taking care of her mom sincerely. Wow! I learned my lesson again today…

He also said that people will always look at our commitment, how can we keep our promises to others. When we can keep our words, then we need no worry, because others will trust us. It is very important to commit to what we have said. For me, he may not have a degree at school because of his economic life, but he’s a wise man. And I’m grateful to meet him today.

Be Thankful

Be Thankful

This old man had taught me to be grateful in this life. Bad things may happen to us (as always), but we can’t stop to be thankful for our life. It’s a choice to use which point of view to see our life. If we choose to live our life happily, then we can be happy constantly. If we choose to be mad of our life, then we can’t be so grateful to live this life.

He believes that life is so beautiful … and so do I!