Personal Review on ‘Marley & Me’

Actually, I borrowed this DVD from a friend of mine. He suggested me to watch this ‘Marley & Me’ movie because according to him, I would be able to sharpen my sensitivity. Well, I took the DVD and obviously I ignored his purpose. If Marley could inspired John Grogan to write in his columns, he also inspired me to write on my blog.  And this is my personal review on that movie…

About Marley…

I love dogs, cats any other pat-able pets, but I am not going to have them in my own house. My mom has 2 cats at our house now and I don’t really do things with them. I think I am just a fan of pets, but not a pet person.

When I watch this ‘Clearance Puppy’ messing around in Grogan’s house, I was absolutely sure that I won’t have any pets in the future. I can’t imagine living a house, in which I have to take care and clean up every now and then, to be messed up by a dog! I believe that would bring me high … to the max anger level.

But … when I watched Marley’s expression when Jenny had to lose her first baby, I was touched. Even though he was labelled as the ‘world’s worst dog’, he had that connection with his ‘parents’, the Grogans. He was calm and accompany Jenny when she cried. He could understand the pain that his parents had. Awesome creature, isn’t it!

When it came to the scenes where he was going to die, I had nothing to say. I only had tears! One reason why I dislike to have pets is because I hate saying goodbye! I had a cat before and when she died, it took me and my family a while to feel better. Even until today, we always say that there is no other cats better that our old Cemot.

About marriage life

Well, I love Grogan’s kissing scenes. They were natural and truly express their love on to each other. But, marriage? Somehow, it’s still hard to go through. Marriage life needs two people who always know and understand about their love, commitment, relationship and responsibility. None of that aspect can dissapeared without having your marriage life disturb.

Marriage is also a way to be together with your loved one, through good and rough times. Again, if you can embrace all the good times during the rough times, then you can keep the fire on. But, if you can’t embrace all the good times during your bad times, then there is no point of keeping the marriage alive.

So, if you feel like questioning your love life … watch this movie. It will give you a new way of seeing love through bad times. And also, how to love unconditionally. Like the Grogans love Marley … even though he was the world’s worst dog. Well, that dog was able to make me cry…

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