Unexpected Ending

I believe that every one of us had the experiences of predicting of how a movie or story will be ended. We try to analize the ending by using the previous life events, incidents, habits of the main characters/heroes or environmental factors. When the prediction we make is accurate, then we can say that the movie is predictable or we can expect something at the end of the movie.

Our lives are full of story and we are the writers of our lives – try not to see it in religious point of view. Sometimes we plan something so carefully to be done at one point of our lives. Some times, the plans work so good and we can be pleased with the results. But at some other times, the end of the stories become very unexpected and we couldn’t predict it in advanced.

I heard a story of someone from my past today. I heard that he just entered a monatery, to be a brother in that place. Out of my predictions, he chose to live a new life after all. He used to be a skillful worker at internationally known hair treatment company in Japan and Singapore. He was known as a good son in his family, and even though he had several unsuccesful love stories, he still known as someone with dignity and pride.

His best friend shared a story that since last month, he decided to enter 3 months probation to be a brother in a Catholic monastery at Rawaseneng, Central Java. I am still wondering to myself about his decision, because I knew his past and he was not into such thing.

I learned one thing from this incident, that we can have what-so-called Unexpected Ending, in which we can’t predict the closing of our stories and we never know our next steps. I know I am not being scientific now, but .. Not every decision can be predicted scientifically.

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