The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

Prince Caspian
Prince Caspian

I know it’s a bit late (or is it way too late?) to review this movie. It’s been almost 3 months late since the premiere of this movie in Indonesia. I have to admit that I love this movie! Not because the casts (they were very eye-catching though!) but the lessons that I could gain from that movie.

1. It taught me that working hard on something is not merely a hard work. We need faith, pray and hard work. In the process of making Prince Caspian to be a king, there were a lot of struggling, wars, tears and losing hope. It’s normal in our lives to lose hope and (almost) giving up. But the difference between the winner and the loser is: winner knows how to get back to his feet and gain those lost hope again.

Lucy and Aslan
Lucy and Aslan

2. If we are God believer, try to compare Aslan with God. Because I think Aslan is the symbol of God. He can’t be seen when the problems come, but He will always be there, watching us grow through all of the problems that we face. When we believe in Him, He will open the way for our journey (remember when Lucy fell into the rock beneath her). Aslan is a king of all kings. He always comes at the perfect time, because for everything in this earth, there is time.

3. All of us need that side of being a child. Not to say childish. It’s a way of being simple and pure. A child is known for being true to her heart, just as Lucy. That’s way she was the only one who can see Aslan in the forest, because she really saw Him. By being simple and pure, a child can really listening!

4. Free our imagination. What is wrong with the dancing trees? or talking animals? Don’t ever forget our childhood days where everything is possible. When we trust God, working hard and being sincere… then nothing is really impossible.

King Edmund on a fight
King Edmund on a fight

Well, I think we can learn a lot from others… and from a movie.

Quotable quotes:

Lucy Pevensie: They’re so still.
Trumpkin: The trees? What did you expect?
Lucy Pevensie: They used to dance.

Telmarine Soldier Killed by Reepicheep: You’re a mouse.
Reepicheep: You people have no imagination!

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