Lesson Behind Strawberry Juice

Early this afternoon, I had an idea to make strawberry juice for my family. My dad bought 2 big packs of fresh strawberry yesterday and I found a half jar of guava juice (very thick and sweet) in the fridge. This idea was completed by my will to have a healthy diet menu (fingers crossed).

So, during dinner hour, I sneaked to the kitchen. First, I wash a handful of strawberry and put them inside the mixer. Then, I said a prayer while I poured the guava juice. The final step was pouring water and add ice cube. I mixed all the ingredients altogether and with a careful move; I pour half glass of the juice. I started to drink it and taste on my own juice… I was pleased.


I handed the first glass to my cousin, and he said that it was too sour.

Then, I handed the second glass to my aunt and she loved it! She said the taste was just perfect (made me relieved).

Another cousin made a face when she drank the juice. I guess, she did not like the juice at all.

My sister-in-law liked that juice too. She said it was a glass full of freshness.

My parents did not really like it, because they said it was too sweet (they have to control their sugar input).

Anyway, I learned a lesson today. I know now how does it feels to be my mom, when she serves the food for her family. My mom is one of a kind. She always cooks for her family and loves every moment of sharing the food. She praises us whenever we can empty the plates and not leave any food behind.

My mom is my role model. I would love to be a good cook like she does, beside I am too lazy to start. I hope this strawberry juice lesson would give me a good start to learn how to cook for my family. I am pretty sure that appraisal and condemnation would take part in my process of learning.

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