Story of A Girl : Reflection on Second Chance

There was a girl who were born and grew up in a small town with her happy family. Her father was a hard-working man who would do anything for her and her siblings. Her mother was a fighter who would let down her family. Simply to say, she was a happy girl.


When she was a teenager, she looked around her and found out that chance was something big. A small chance could change the world into a better place. A small chance for her to do well at school would bring her into a brighter future. Therefore she hold on to that belief. So far, she had no problems to perform well at school.

When she was a young woman, she hold on to that belief even firmly. Until one day, she came into a conclusion that she did not need a second chance in her life because everything went well. She believed that plans and precautionary behaviors were needed to support her to perform well in everything that she did. So, whenever she saw mistakes done by others, she would smile onto herself and said to herself that those people were a bunch of morons. They put themselves in despair and threw away their precious chance, a lifetime chance to perform well.

Now, she’s a grown up woman. I said, a grown up woman to separate the old her with what she is now. She’s a grown up woman with mistakes in her past. She now believes that second chance is something bigger than the first chance. Everybody might get that first chance to do anything, but not everyone will get a second chance in their lives. She realized that truth now, because she had given that second chance to fix her life and bounce even higher than before.

If she did not do those mistakes, she may still the same old naive woman who believed in first chance only. Those mistakes were the best experiences for her. Those mistakes were there to be the key of her brighter future.

That woman is me.


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