The Last Lecture

Prof. Randy Pausch had gone (July 25, 2008), but his ‘Last Lecture‘ will left a deep mark on everybody who listen to it. I just found out this website yesterday from a blog of Mark Brady.

Randy Pausch and his children
Randy Pausch and his children

Randy Pausch is a Professor of Computer Science in Carnegie Mellon University (CMU). He had terminal pancreatic cancer and still able to bring his last lecture in front of 400 colleagues and friends. On the interview with ABC, he said that his disease is not something ‘unfair’. He considered himself to be unlucky. He always speaks that way about himself. But, when he tells the story of his 3 children, he almost in tears. He says, ‘This is unfair’ because he will never be able to save his family when people put his family on the top of the hill. And that’s truly unfair…

This story reminds me of Morrie (on Tuesdays with Morrie). The two of them share their last lecture for each of us who want to learn something from their lives. Morrie believed that the most important thing in our lives is LOVE. And so is Randy, people wrote about how his lecture had inspired them to spend more time with loved ones, to quit pitying themselves, or even to shake off suicidal urges”.

I also learn a valuable lesson on how to catch my dreams. He says that “brick walls are there for a reason. They let us prove how badly we want things.” I know how badly I want to get my dreams come true and I will keep on keeping up (Joyce Meyer).

My thank you for Professor Randy and Morrie!

So, how do we want to give our last lecture to others?

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