This page is about training/workshop that I have been given to others. Some trainings in the past were part of my working time as an assistant of Mrs Josephine Ratna, who used to be my supervisor during my thesis writing on CBT for Psychotic Individuals.

Contact me through email – if you want to have training/workshop at your school, faculty, or company.

Sex Education

Surabaya, July 15, 2011

This is part of my community service with some friends in a Catholic orphanage, St. Julia in Surabaya. There were 3 parts of this service: (1) fix their library and provide new books for the children; (2) English class for the children; and (3) Sex Education for the children (P5 –  Sec 3).

The workshop went well for about 2 hours. The most interesting moment when the girls did not reluctant to ask questions – and they had tons of questions during the session! Photos are coming soon!

Workshop for Psychology Students

Surabaya, July 2, 2011

The workshop was held by students of Psychology Faculty of Widya Mandala Catholic University. The main purpose was to bring alumni back on stage to share our experiences of studying in Widya Mandala and also how our study prepared us in real-life setting.

Photos are also coming up!

Stress Management Talk

Surabaya, June 18, 2011

It was not a big workshop or training, but it was a small talk with about 10 women at Darmaria, Surabaya.

Darmaria is a Catholic centre for Integral Development of Youth in Surabaya. They have regular weekly meeting with the members and always bring interesting topic in each meeting. I was invited to give the talk for their regular meeting on that beautiful Saturday evening.

Talk in Darmaria

Stress Management Workshop

Malang, March 11, 2011

This workshop was designed to introduce simple ways to manage stressful life among Ma Chung University lecturers and staff. For about 4 hours, they learned to understand the definition and type of stress, identifying stressful events, and also introducing coping stress for them.

Thanks to Etsa Noya – one great lecturer in Ma Chung who gave me this opportunity to share with them!

“Be Tough, Be Resilient” Workshop

Surabaya, Dec 3, 2010

This is a workshop held by Widya Mandala Catholic University for first-year students from all faculties. The topic was about how to be tough and resilient to complete their study years and achieve their best potential. The idea of the workshop came from the need of first-year students, in which they easily change subjects or faculty, just because they feel incapable to do the whole 4 years of study.

The workshop was divided into 3 sessions: the talk, team work and evaluation. The participants were so eager to do the whole sessions, especially when the speaker announced one winner of motivation book ( a student from Nursing Academy) and the group with the highest score on team work activities.

Sex Eduxation

Surabaya – Nov 29-30, 2010

It was a new package of delivering sex education for younger students (Primary 5 and 6) and also for older students (Sec 1 – Pre U) at Singapore National Academy (SNA) Waru.  Instead of telling the children ‘not-to’ tips – not to download the porn, not to click on certain websites, this sex education emphasized more on how to tackle such issues. In this training, the children were taught:

  1. To say NO, to any strangers or adults who want to add their facebook page
  2. To say NO, whenever strangers or adults try to touch their body parts – beside doctor or medical practitioners, under their parents supervision
  3. To delete or block any advertisement that contain sex or pornography materials
  4. To protect themselves by protecting their body, keep it clean, avoid any exploitations

During this session, children were also given sensual pictures – which they can find in their daily life. The objective was to tell them on how to react wisely. Sometimes what seems to be ‘okay’ is actually ‘not okay’ – such as: kissing in public, having an intimate relationship before certain age, and many more. The reactions from each child was different and very interesting to be observed.

Multiple Intelligence for Primary School Students

Surabaya – Friday, August 27, 2010

This training was designed by Mrs Josephine Ratna for Multiple Intelligence screening on Primary School Students. The first training was given at grade 6 students at Cita Hati Primary School – Surabaya, East Java. The objective was to help the students understand their multiple intelligence, in which we asked them to choose the highest three intelligences. These three intelligences can help them to define their future academic choices.

Children are filling up their worksheet

Some help from their teachers

Cognitive Behavior Training for Indonesian Navy Psychologists

Surabaya – July 31 and August 5, 2010

During this training, I was just an observer and my task was to share my experiences to apply CBT modules for psychotic individuals. I don’t have CBT license yet, and therefore I waa not capable of giving the training. I learned a lot from this training and Mrs Josephine Ratna had absolutely taught me a lot. Unfortunately, there are no photos from this training (yet, at least).

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