True To Your Heart

I am inspired by a song with the same title, sang by Stevie Wonder and 98 degrees (OST Mulan). I just realized how good it is to be true to your heart at all time. it might easy to say, ‘Please, be true to your heart! Because lies won’t make you feel any better!’. But, the process of being true to your heart is actually a long process.

I had a crush with my friend a few months back and I kept it for myself back then. I showed it by doing a lot of things with him and tried not to be too obvious. We shared a lot of things and pour out our emotions into the same bowl, so that we might see the beautiful of those emotions. I thought I would not be able to find a better guy than him (you don’t have to check my brain, it is perfectly normal when you have a crush onto someone), because I could be myself, just be myself. I was not worry to say whatever I wanted to say. I did not think twice to show him the true of me, with all my weaknesses and strength. So, I thought it was a good sign.

Then, he did his best to be true to his heart! And he made it awesomely… But unfortunately, this most valuable truth was the one who made me stop from my step-forward to approach him.

To cut the long story, I made my last effort to be true to myself by telling him that I had a crush on him, once. He said that he could sense that. But then again, the truth had been spoken and we could not do anything upon it.

What I want to say is that being true to your heart can help you to reach a stage in which you won’t feel betrayed by your own feeling, a stage where you can trust yourself at the highest level. When lies are covering your life, you will take a lot of times to create another new layer of lies and you won’t have time to do useful things. When lies are consuming you, then you won’t be able tp find the truth of everything that you are doing.

Truth can be hurtful, when it is said. But truth will open a new horizon in front of you. By telling the truth, people will understand you as who you are. By telling the truth, you can understand others as who they are. No barriers need to be build, just because you need to hide your feeling or your thought.

So, be true to your heart, as much as you can.

Be blessed!

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