Altering Mental Block

In my line of work, I have the privilege to meet a lot of people - listen to their stories and mapping their cognitive functions. By doing so, the process of psychotherapy will serve as the basis for my clients in understanding their way of thinking, distorted belief or simply to know that they have … Continue reading Altering Mental Block

Lessons from ‘The Road Less Traveled’

This journey of reading 'The Road Less Traveled' by Scott Peck is very personal for me. I've heard about this phenomenal book since years ago - but I always find the excuse of not borrowing or buying this book. Until about a month ago when I was in faculty's library. I was looking for some … Continue reading Lessons from ‘The Road Less Traveled’

“Maybe Someday We’ll Figure All This Out”

- title was taken from the lyric of 'Someday' by Rob Thomas, songwriter and lead singer of Matchbox Twenty - Everyday I deal with my clients, at the hospital or at University clinic. Sometimes I deal with the usual stress problems, such as: low academic achievements, a child who doesn't want to go to school, … Continue reading “Maybe Someday We’ll Figure All This Out”

Sandtray Therapy with Dr Bart Begalka

Sandtray Therapy is a not a new concept of having integrative intervention based on available theory. The classical Sandtray therapy is based on Jungian theory, so you will find anima, symbolic items and all those psychodynamics terms - which is fun! I registered for a-14-hour of Sandtray Therapy training with Dr Bart Begalka from Trinity … Continue reading Sandtray Therapy with Dr Bart Begalka