Sandtray Therapy with Dr Bart Begalka

Sandtray Therapy is a not a new concept of having integrative intervention based on available theory. The classical Sandtray therapy is based on Jungian theory, so you will find anima, symbolic items and all those psychodynamics terms – which is fun!

I registered for a-14-hour of Sandtray Therapy training with Dr Bart Begalka from Trinity Western University, Canada. He is known as child therapist for so many years and he uses Sandtray as one of many approaches for his therapy sessions.

Animals figure inside the sandtray

The training was held by Soegijapranata Catholic University at Semarang. We learned on how to interpret the symbols used by our clients, the placement, the time needed to arrange everything inside the sandtray (or outside?) and how to relate that picture with past and current condition of our clients, and also the wishes deep down.

Even though it looks like children play therapy, but it can be used for adults. It can help those adults who has difficulties with unresolved childhood trauma or repressed emotions. It can also be used to resolve conflicts between two individuals, husband-wife, parent-child or siblings.

When Bart interpreted my sandtray

The modern Sandtray Therapy does not really have rules, as in classical Jungian Sandtray Therapy. Bart even said that there is no rules in this therapy, except for those procedural steps. This therapy is really one of those projective therapy that can be used for many emotional problems in childhood through adulthood.

Thanks to my ex-classmate at Airlangga University who were there together to attend at the training and proved to me that friendship is something valuable.

with Dr Bart Begalka

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