“Maybe Someday We’ll Figure All This Out”

– title was taken from the lyric of ‘Someday’ by Rob Thomas, songwriter and lead singer of Matchbox Twenty –

Image from robthomasmusic.com

Everyday I deal with my clients, at the hospital or at University clinic. Sometimes I deal with the usual stress problems, such as: low academic achievements, a child who doesn’t want to go to school, a teenager with low self-confidence and many more. But, I also deal with many ‘hard cases’ too, such as: anorexia nervosa, oppositional defiant disorder, marriage problems or homosexual relationships.

Everytime they start to tell their side of stories, I started to build the setting and the characters in my mind. With every add up from them, I could see the picture in my mind also adding up to a better level. The conflicts, the way of thinking, the feeling and the wishes are all there – disconnected to each other and waiting to be connected. I guess that is what psychologist or therapist are doing – seeing the connections and make the clients realized how they connected to each other.

Many times during the sessions, I would love to tell them: “… someday, we will figure all this out!” … But when is ‘someday’ actually? We never know. It’s true that a psychologist needs to predict how many sessions that a client will need to overcome their problems, but in reality, client comes with one particular problem – and end up knowing that particular problem is just the effect of something bigger. Brief therapy will not work for this kind of case. Then I will need to dig deep … so, I don’t know for sure when is that ‘someday’ comes.

Of course, during the sessions, some clients show significant changes toward positivity. They got the insight, learn to apply it to their current problems and then generalize the skills to overcome other problems too. Not too many clients are able to enable themselves – but this is what I’ve been trying to do: enable my clients to enable themselves.

Way to go, psychologists … Learn daily and update yourself at all times! Someday, we will figure all this out …

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