Happiness: Gay Perspective

I just had a long chat with my gay best friend.

I don’t know why my life is surrounded by them, gay and lesbian. Lately, it becomes more and more absurd for me. I heard his story of living a double life, because he just can’t walk out and be himself. Because most of the community will condemn him and hate him to death. Because his parents are ashamed of having a son like him. Because he just couldn’t be himself …

Then, a question crossed my mind. So, what is the meaning of happiness for him – and the rest of the homosexuals in this world? I guess the answer is varies!

I found a lot of gay people who decided to conform with the community by getting married and build a what-so-called family. They seem happy. But we never know what is going on inside their mind. I remember my classmate in junior high, who had a gay father. Her father left when she and her sister were just young children. They did not know anything about their father – the hidden truth. Later on, she found out that her father was a gay and left her for another guy. I don’t think my friend’s father is happy with his decision.

Or a story of a young man who decided to marry someone that he barely knows because he does that in the name of certain religion, in which they suggest their young people to marry their partner first and start to know each other well in the marriage. He is also a gay. Will he be happy? It depends ….

Or a story of my best friend’s uncle. He is a well known professor in a well known university, who happened to marry a beautiful and hard working lady. They only had their sexual encounter once! And it turned out bad. He’s a gay … do they happy with their marriage? We never know.

But …. When I had a talk with another good friend of mine, she had a different point of view. She told me that my encounter with so many gay people is not merely coincidence. God wants me to do something with them – which I don’t know what. She said that if God wants a straight person to marry a gay man, then God himself will put Eros in his heart (I know it sounds absurd and not right!). She said that nothing is impossible, for God love all of us. Deep down I know that God is a super and almighty God, who can do whatever He wants, without any difficulties of making it comes true. But still, I don’t know …

What I know is God wants us – not just me –  to love gay and lesbian people as He loves them. I got this brilliant insight when we had an exclusive meeting with Bo Sanchez, a few years back in Perth, WA.

I wish they can be happy …

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