Light Talk on The Weekend

Last Saturday was a day full of laughter and tears.

I was with my best friend on our way to a big shopping centre. During 45-minutes trip, we talked a lot about our happenings, in the past few days. The chat was turning into something unpleasant, because we were hitting a topic that was not pleasant enough to be talked about. I knew that I was not feeling so good and almost blurted out all of my feelings. But I decided to keep on quiet and stop talking at all. I remembered one friend told me about emotional maturity. He said that emotional maturity can be measured when you are facing problems and you decide to stop for a while.

I did that. I quit talking, but before that, I told my best friend that I was not angry to him at all. I was just feeling so full of anger, I was so pissed with something that going on that day. That quiet moment gave me a moment to think, in which I could visualize everything and let it flow in my head, without scolding someone at that moment.

When we arrived, we separated. My best friend was going to meet his group of friends, while I was heading toward my old friends who were in town for a few hours. Those two old friends of mine were amazing! The moment I came, we directly talked about cakes that were on the table. one of them love the cheesecake from certain shop, while I said the best cheesecake is in Perth (which I forgot the name of the shop! Sigh!). Another friend said that he loved brownies from the other shop. It was all about cake …. until we press the button.

The talk was turning into something serious (and thoughtful, should I say). One of them even canceled his appointment, just to accompany me. The plan was having a short, quick and fun conversation, but then it turned out to be quite deep and insightful.

Let’s just pull the topic aside, because I want to share my happiness to be surrounded by such friends. They are like watching over me (not peeping on me) and understand it fully the second they see something is not right in me. My best friend, who was driving me to the shopping centre was like my half-soul. He kept on checking on me, every a few minutes, left his friends for a while and make sure that I was alright. And those two old friends of mine were amazing! They throw the jokes which was right in time and help me to understand more of my situation.

So, yeah … We had a great time together las weekend. Despite the light talk, I learned that I was blessed to have them in my life!

PS: to EAS, thank you for being the best friend ever! Through laugh and tears, you are there for me …

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