The View of Lapindo

I’ve been a reguler user of Surabaya-Malang road. It’s been 3 years since the first incident of Lapindo hotmud flow. Every Friday, I would take the same crowded road to go home. And every Monday morning, I would take the other side of the road to go back to Surabaya. During this school holiday season, the road is even crowded than before. Last week, it took me 6 hours to go home, when the usual trip took 2-3 hours.

So, during those moments of quietness, I took some photos.

The crowd from driver side
The crowd from driver side

And if you can see, the space between each vehicle is no longer important. Just as long as the vehicles can move and not bumped into each other.

Mind the space
Mind the space

If you are fans of any chicken made food, imagine this one… grilled chicken alive!

Poor chicken!
Poor chicken!

Well, I guess the trip is still enjoyable … I’m trying not to complain though!

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