Asking Credit from Others

I just had this phone call with a friend. He asked me why other people around him are so ignorant. He tried to offer some help and being nice to those people, but they never give him any credits to whatever he had done. His statement tickled my mind…

Credit is a way that we use to count something. It can be the credit in our savings or the credit in our lives, as my friend asked me about. When I was listening to him, suddenly my mind brought me back to many events when my deeds were not appreciated by others. Or when what-so-called best friends or lover went away without a word. I was complaining at that moments, asking around on why they did not appreciate my effort to help them, to be nice to them and do soemthing good for them. I counted the credits that they supposed to give back to me…

But by the time, I realized that counting those credits were useless. Nothing thatI could do to make them appreciate my good deeds for them. Since then, I made my decision … I will still help those who need my help, but then I will be firmed that no credit can be taken from them. That decision brings me to a peaceful of mind. I have to admit that sometimes I am still complaining. I ask myself on why people never say thank you or even smile back, but that’s just how they live their lives. None is my problems, actually.

Well, I hope my friend will feel better after knowing that he’s not meant to take care of all the people around him. He can pray for them, because he is a good Christian.

Way to go, dear friend … Keep on doing good deeds, but stop asking for credits. Even Jesus never asked for credits from us…

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