Love Me OR Love My Money?

I am going to share a funny scene that I saw at a mall yesterday…

I just finished my lunch with 2 friends from my hometown. On my way to the parking lot, there was a guy who came to my direction. He answered a phone call and talked a bit loud. He said, ‘You never ask where am I or what am I doing! You always tell me how much the bills that I have to pay!’

I was laughing out loud when I entered into my car. Funny and yet … ironic!

From my point of view, I believe that guy was not the only one around. He is with hundreds of other men who feel the same way too, because they have been treated unfair and unwell by their partners (well, I assumed that his partner was on the other side of the phone call). I saw so many people are willing to get married because of other reasons, beside love. They would marry rich men, to have a better quality of life. I can’t say that’s wrong, because for them, that’s the best offer that they could get. So, if you feel that your partner treats you unfair and unwell, try to ask yur partner. You better check his/her definition about treating you fair or well. If it’s match … then attune your signal together.

Anyway, I am enjoying my life now. Let’s see what will happen if I meet a guy who can nudge my shoulder!

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