Cake with No Flour

Imagine if you are going to bake a cake or make homemade bread, and suddenly you realize that you have no flour! You won’t be able to bake your cake, because there won’t be any cake without flour…

The idea of this reflection came across my mind when I drove home from the orphanage today. I thought to myself that flour, eggs, sugar and other ingredients are not useful when they stand for themselves. They can blend together to make cake or bread, but no single ingredient can be so useful that way. I’m missing my friends a lot, especially during these hard times of doing internship and preparing my next steps for the future.

I’ve made friends with so many people. From kindergarten to high school. From Malang to Aceh and other Eastern regions in Indonesia. From Asia to Australia and even Africa. It’s always lots of fun of having friends, wherever you  go.

They call me an icy girl
They call me an icy girl

I also learned an important lesson, that I can be who I am now, because my friends (and family) gave their impact on me, someway. They were there to lend their hands when I couldn;t stand up by myself. They were there to be my ears, when I need someone to listen to me. Even my Masters friends now, they are here to make me a sensitive person, because due to their observations, I am such a cold-blooded woman. Well, I never kill someone, but they think that I am emotionally disturbed!

I know that they just make jokes about me. I know that they care for me. I think because I have left my sensitive and romantic life for a few years. I love what I am doing, but according to them, my life will be complete if I can put that pieces back into myself. I wonder…

Anyway, whatever they are saying about me … I do love them as part of me! They are the flours to my cake … (does it sound like a song?)

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