When God Plays Hide-and-Seek

I just got home from a prayer meeting with Father Adrian, OP. He is a good preacher and also a good joker. He told us about spiritual experiences with God (read Matthew 17:1-14), which can be the events to remember when bad things happen. So, those spiritual experiences were there as reminders for us, about the love that God has given to us.

Spiritual experiences could be a tragic experience or bad disaster in our lives. It could also appears in a dramatic scene, when God did His great miracles in our lives. Or … it could appears in a humorous way. He believed that God is a joker Himself. He sometimes answer our prayers through jokes and silly happenings. One of it, when God plays Hide-and-Seek.


For some people, the answered prayers are something that they have been waiting for a while. A while may means a week, few months, couple of years and even YEARS. Sometimes God really hides behind the bushes. He wished us to keep on praying and wishing, and one day, if we can endure the moments, we will be able to find Him and maybe, He will answer our prayers by then. I am still praying of one request. I have been prayed for this past 5 years and God is still quiet. He has not answer my prayers yet, and it means that the hope is still open. I have to keep on praying and have my faith. I believe that one day, I will find my God sitting behind the bushes and hug me! I have faith that He will say Yes to my request.

Let me seek You, Lord!

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