Jawa Pos Deteksi-Con 2K8 (4): The Un-Cut Stories

In every stage performance and events like this, we always wish to see the best performances, photos and stories on the newspaper. We rarely see the real backstage situation. The most that we can see is ‘behind the scene’ shots. In this last part of Jawa Pos Deteksi-Con, I’d like to upload some photos that can give the readers an almost real backstage situation.

You can see a beautiful Cinderella tied up her sneakers on AEC booth. She was one of hundreds of representatives from many schools around Surabaya. She looked cute though with her hidden sneakers!

Cinderella with sneakers
Cinderella with sneakers

You can also see a girl with kimono and … Advertisements all over her. Well, it could be the sponsors for her school mading, or it was just a fun. For me, it was very eye-catching…

Advertisement all over her
Advertisement all over her

And, there was Captain Hook on a make-up session… He wasn’t ready for the show before he looked fierce enough (my guess!)


Anyway, it was a huge show with thousands of students who participated in the events or the on-lookers. It was a success event and I believe those students are waiting for the next round next year.

Keep it up!

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