I’m his Cinderella : My Father is a real fighter

Yes, for me my Dad is a real fighter. He’s the one who will comfort me through whatever seasons I’m in. Actually this article is inspired by a song titled Cinderella by Steven Curtis Chapman. The first time I heard this song was when I helped Ike, my best friend, in preparing School of Children Counselling with David Goodwin. She gave me the Cinderella book and asked me to listen to the song. Do you know what had happened that night? We both cried and thank God for our Dads. Even though sometimes we have fight and arguments, we know that our Dads love us more than words can explain.


Since I listened to that song, I’ve been reminded of how great is the love of my dad. He might think that I’m his beautiful pearl (he said that actually!) but for me he’s the greatest treasure. He was the one who will give his life to protect me. I saw the many times he fought for me, not in a physical way, but really he did that through what he said, what he did to me and his prayers.

When I had rough times, he was the one to comfort me. The way he educate me was unique. We were like best friends. He always asks for my opinion on whatever stuff that he’s going to buy. And so do I. I always ask his opinion on whatever I want to do, including the boys that I will hang out with. We love to listen to any rock music together and watch movie in the theater. I love the moment when we discuss about the movie, the scenes and the message that we got from that movie. He’s the one who always challenge me to think critically and speak carefully. He hates gossips and loves knowledge. I’m on my way to upgrade my stage, Dad. When somebody hurt me badly, I was sad. But my dad was even sadder than me. He was the one who hold that tears, so I could cry on his shoulders. What a fighter.

Cinderella song had changed me so deep. I could not stop my tears everytime I listen to that song. Even until today… I knew that my Dad loved me. But now I’m even assured that I’m his Cinderella. He won’t spend a minute without me, because he knows that one day I will find my own live.

On his birthday July 2008
On his birthday July 2008

Love you, Dad!

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