Light Conversation

Yeah, I had a light conversation with 4 friends this evening. We had dinner together. It was unplanned, but the rest of the night was great. We talked about many things, a wide range of topics. From daily activities, church life, charity, soulmate, entering 30s and politics.

It comes to my mind that everybody has their own life experiences that can make them wiser in making decisions. Even a woman can be as tough as a man because life wanted her to do so. Or a man can be as gentle as he needed to be when he wants to meet the ‘requirements’ in a relationship. Talking about life is always complicated because life itself is complicated.

All of my friends agree that we should do our best to boost our limits. Not just in work pace or career but in relationship as well. We can’t just stand still as wives, meanwhile our husbands are working hard out there. Now is not a day of fairy tales where a woman can sit still as a princess. Now is a day when woman is holding the same key as man. Both sexes can open the same door of success and be happy with their lives.

I was surrounded by those smart and wise friends of mine. I considered myself to be lucky, because I can learn from their experiences. The meaning of sharing is something bigger than just talking. The lesson that we can learn is very valuable.


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