Why Do They Kill Others?

Indonesian newspaper has the same headline for these past 2 weeks. A serial killer from Jombang, East Java. A man named Verry Idam Henyansyah a.k.a. Ryan had killed 11 people. It was the final number of victims that has been discovered this week. Police is going to search further and dig deeper to figure out if there are other victims than those 11 people. Tragically, two from those 11 victims were a 3-years-old girl with her mom.

The reasons on why he killed so many people are various. Some say that he killed men, because he had revenge and had been hurt by men. But, it turns out that he also killed a child and a woman.

He had several tests from psychiatrists and psychologists and they said that Ryan has no mental disorder. He’s healthy. He has nothing wrong with his brain or nervous system that can be a trigger to kill others. So, what may cause him to kill people?

I saw this TV show that talk about Ryan serial killing. The psychologist (I forgot her name) said that his behavior seems to be inborn. So, it’s not something that he learned from others or imitated from his environment. The investigation is on going, so I hope the police can figure out deeper than this. Some people started to report their missing family members. Do they have connection with Ryan? … We have to keep watching the news on that.

It’s not what life should be…

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