The Portion of You in Community

You and me composed the community. You, me and them composed a larger community. We are all part of community ... started from our family, school friends, colleagues, or club mates. No matter which community you are involve in, you are part of community.Some of community members are active, sometimes too active. But some of … Continue reading The Portion of You in Community

Farewell for Father Vollering O, Carm

Father Petrus Josephus Vollering passed away on October 9, 2008. He was born in Zwammerdam on August 25, 1918. I barely knew him, except that I received one of my last penitences from him. I always saw him during Sunday mass, because most of the time I went to Sunday mass in the chapel of … Continue reading Farewell for Father Vollering O, Carm

Schizophrenia : What’s What?

Schizophrenia is known as the most deadly disorder that caused individual's impairment in life functioning skills. There are abnormalities in a person's cognitive, affective and behavior performance. It usually seems as loosing connection between one's perspective of the world AND the real world. People may see them as crazy, but I don't think no one … Continue reading Schizophrenia : What’s What?