Lesson of This Week

Another lesson I’ve learned this week is about campus life in Indonesia.

I’m trying to pour out everything into words, without a need to point my fingers on any institutions or persons. So, I was queuing up in front of a closed registration desk on 12.15pm to re-enroll (we need to do enrollment twice). The guard said that the person was having a lunch break and they would open at 1pm. Then, they were open at 1.30pm. Well, 30 minutes late is very common in Indonesia (we have to admit that).

Queuing up
Queuing up

On the desk, they refused my application because I lost my used-to-be examination card. Well, I didn’t lose it, because a lady in the offices forgot to keep my card and she said, ‘Oh, you don’t need that card anymore’ (stupidly, I trusted her). So, I had to make a report to the police station and bring back a piece of confirmation letter signed by the officer, stated that I lost my card.

The printer in the first police station was out of ink (what a co-incidence). So, I had to go the other police station.

On the second station, the officer asked me whether I bring a letter from my university to confirm that I really am a student in my campus. With a fake smile on my face, I gave him the copy of my certificate and payment slips, just to make him believe. Thank God, he did not ask any further and type the letter for me. Oops, not right away. He tried to make other police officers (4 of them) to type that letter for me (they think it was a kind of throwing ball on the game… )

Common View
Common View

After 1.5 hours, I finally reached my campus (it was 3.15pm). I was very late for my class (started at 2pm), but the lady in the office already made sure that she would checked my name on the class registration list.

Then … I was part of a very long queue. People worked so slow. So, I have to waited there for another 1 hour and 15 minutes to get it all done (giving all the copies of the documents, took photo for student card, register my name to get a student’s jacket, etc).

Lesson that I’ve learned:

1. Bring books and iPod anytime I go to the campus for any kind of registration. At least, I can read my handouts and study.

2. Put a smile. A big one. Because they dislike a grumpy student.

3. Always photocopy documents more than they would need (they said). Or else, you would need to walk out from the queue just because they need more copies of your documents.

4. Be patient. There is no used to be grumpy and mad. They just don’t care.


As long as I can remember, it took me only 30 minutes (max) when I registered in UWA – Perth. They’ve done a terrific and efficient works.

Well, welcome home for me…

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