Business Trip is Only A Title

This is my first long business trip – 10 days. During the first three days, I learned a lot from my colleagues and I saw a lot more. One of my colleague quote the movie ‘Up in The Air’ as a true story, especially if you’re flying a lot for what-so-called a Business Trip.

Unfortunately, business trip is only a title. There are a lot more than just make the deal, sign the contract and leave the good impression for long term relationship. Business trip is also an ideal place to be yourself – which means: you can be an invisible ‘badman’, maintaining affairs, and release the wave of fantasy inside of you. Am I being too dramatic here? Maybe. It depends on how you see it.

When you’re away from the people who know you personally, you have all the space you need. The choices are in front of you and all you need to do is to make a decision. The value of right or wrong can be very subjective. A man who’s cheating during his business trip may be seen as a great husband and a loving mother for his whole life – and that’s not entirely wrong. A woman who’s enjoying her wild fantasy during her trip is not necessarily becomes the worst mother in the world.

Are we allowed to do so?

No one can answer that question, but you. The choice to be faithful to your partner is there – standing together with the choice to be unfaithful. Go with your natural urge to ‘have fun as much as you can’ may satisfy your drive instantly. But the price to pay is there – patiently awaits you with the interest. Even though delaying gratification is not always easy, the reward awaits you – plus the interest.

I remember one quote (but I couldn’t remember the writer) says that: the real self of a person is how that person behaves when no one is around.

So how do you behave during your business trip?

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