In Between Marriage and Funeral

Last week, I heard a bad news about my old friend. Her mom suddenly passed away in the morning when she was about to feed her pet at the back of the house. She died just after she arrived at the hospital. She’s been diagnosed with a heart problem since young and diabetes, but for the past two years her condition was stable. Until last Tuesday morning …

I came to the last service before the funeral. And that was when I met my old friend. We went to the same school since Primary school and became close during high school years. We didn’t really hang out a lot during college years, because we went to different college in different cities.

Before this meeting, I came to her wedding last year.

That fact reminded me of important issues on human relationship: how much I value personal relationship? How much I value face-to-face relationship – over virtual communication? How much time that I’m willing to spend outside wedding and funeral?

In this story, after I attended her wedding, I didn’t manage time to meet my friend directly. Even if we live at the same town, we didn’t really see the importance of catching up. I know her update through Facebook or social media and virtual chatting – and nothing more. She knows of my where being from my update in Facebook as well. I thought it was normal, until the morning when I came for her mother’s funeral service.

I was so overwhelmed with the feeling of loss. I was so closed to her and the entire family. Her mom was the one who drove the car to school – and they picked me up at my house every morning. The memory of closeness and our relationship was too much. And I realized that I haven’t really appreciate everything – until that morning when I saw my friend’s mom for the last time.

I understand that I couldn’t wish for more – but, I can do more in the future. I can manage to maintain the relationships that I have – or used to have. A simple phone call or text message will do good.

So, have you say greetings to your old friends or family today?
Do it now – you might not have the chance tomorrow.

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