I Believe in You

I believe that everyone needs someone else to believe in them.

Imagine a young child who is started to walk on his two feet. The coldness of the tiles and the surge of nervousness might intrude into his mind at the same time. He is thinking about the importance of stepping his first steps. In the midst of his consideration, he can see his parents are smiling at him. Clapping their hands, calling his name and invite him to walk across toward them. He can see that his short walk will reward him with some hugs and smiles. He knows that his parents believe in him – that he can overcome his nervousness and walk! And surely, he can do it.

After a while, he will notice that his walks are not yet steady, he sometimes fall or unable to avoid his teddy bear on the floor. He stumble every now and then – and he can feel the same surge of nervousness running through him again. But, he still sees his parents waving at him – ask him to get up and walk again. He knows that his parents believe in him and it makes him get up and walk again. His process of getting up again is a proof that this young child believe in himself, because his parents believe in him.

Earlier today (Feb 3, 2012) I had an interview with JJFm radio. They want me to give my opinion about the rising number of children who run away from their homes. This phenomenon is another example of how bad the impact when family members no longer able to believe in each other – parents to children, among siblings, or children to parents. It is sad to know that in our daily life we can see people stray away from their future or capacity – just because no one believe in them.

I was about to drop the offer on interview because they only gave me 15-30 minutes to get ready. I was frightened that I would not be able to give my best shot. I didn’t believe in myself – but someone else did. I had a meeting with a friend when the radio called me up. He said that I need to close all the books in my head and use my heart to talk, because I can do it. He believed in me – so that I finally regain the belief of believing in myself.

We can do one thing today and the next days, pat someone on their back and say it firmly that you believe in them to do their best. You will be surprised how powerful the word of “I believe in you”.

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