The Lohan Perception

I had a chat with my old friend a few nights ago. He was commenting on my latest photo. He said that I look good in my hair – but it will be better if I could cut my hair in Lohan style. Within second, my thought was full of Lindsay Lohan and her hair. I tried to picture her hair, the layers, the bangs and so on.

While I was thinking, my friend kept on going with his review – you should cut your hair in layers, give Lohan’s bang and you’ll be gorgeous.

In the midst of my search of Lohan’s picture, I said yes to him. But then I remember that Lindsay Lohan had a long bang on her forehead. I am not a good person to take of long bang – because I’m easily mess my hair. So, I said no to him – as a revision for my first statement.

I told him that Lindsay Lohan’s hairstyle will look bad on me.

Then he replied to me: I was talking about Lohan fish!!!! Grow your bang, long enough to tie it up on the back and make Lohan’s style!

I was laughing out loud and couldn’t believe that we’ve been discussing different Lohan!

That chat reminded me of how we perceive single event differently. Each and everyone of us has our own perception on certain things – name, label, brand, colour, fragrance and many more. So when we have to deal with those things, we tend to interpret them according to our perception. When these difference don’t get a chance to be confirmed by every party, that’s when misunderstanding occurs.

Let’s count how many hours we spend in our lives to perceive one single event differently and end up in non-sense arguments?

I think we can use our time effectively to help others – instead of having the Lohan argumentation!
PS: thanks Sam – for the Lohan insight!

One thought on “The Lohan Perception

  1. Wowww.. I don’t even think that my compliment will be continued to this inspiring paper. Our chat few days ago proved that different background led us to a different perception on the same word : lohan. Hehehe that’s funny anyway, but this writing seriously reminds us to not wasting time in arguments but well-knowing our partner’s background before and make sure we hv explained the subject clearly. *in this case, I forget to tell you it’s a fish, not a drunken celebrity!

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