Exploring Human Mind

This week is my 3rd week of working at Premier Hospital Surabaya (Ramsay Health Care). The experience itself is priceless. Thanks to Josephine Ratna for her trust on me and -most of all- the knowledge and opportunities given to me.

Through the meetings with my clients, I learned that human mind is something big. It has its own universe, in which all the process of thinking, analyzing, and even feeling, happen.

The range of the cases are big. From an anxious housewife to a cheating husband. From a worry Masters student to a psychotic adult. Each case brings its own uniqueness and teach me its own lessons.

In a case of ‘dizziness provoked by anxiety’, the cleint was referred for CBT (Cognitive Behavior Therapy) sessions by his doctor. The process of CBT went well because he was willing to participate – which include doing his reading homework and build a dynamic discussion with me. He learned on how we think and perceive stimulations from our surroundings. If we have negative scheme regarding the happenings, then our brain will send ‘dangerous alarm’ to our body and cause physical symptoms – headache, cold sweat, fasten heartbeat or gastric problems. So, what should we do? Cognition reframing to change the negative scheme into positive one.
How to do that? Through CBT techniques.

Negative scheme is in our mind because we let that scheme shaped itself throughout the years. By planting a new positive scheme, our brain will adjust to this new scheme and will be able to see the happenings or surroundings in a more positive way.

There are too many things to share with you all. But I want to close this evening now. Hope this sharing can benefit you …

Writing is my way to share it to you.

2 thoughts on “Exploring Human Mind

  1. wow 1st of all congratttsss on getting a new job in RAMSES Hospital :))

    membaca tulisanmu ini memaksaku untuk mengingat masa2 ngobrol kita yang sangat berbobot dan berat itu hahaha:p but i enjoyed it very much… dan sepertinya aku masih perlu belajar banyak ttg CBT darimu… 😀

    bener banget setiap klien, dengan karakteristiknya masing2 mengajarkan kepada kita berbagai macam hal… pembelajaran yang paling “nancep” dan merupakan hal terpenting yang harus kita miliki sebagai psikolog adalah ikhlas, niat yang baik, dan kesungguhan… apapun pendekatan yang kita gunakan…

  2. Nice to read your blogs here. For the first time, I feel so hard to believe, that I should take Abilify for a while, because I might have sleep disorder or Schizophrenia. And I should take a therapy by a psychiater (dr. Darmawan) and a psychologist like you, dr. Cicil =) heehehehe….
    But since yesterday, at dr. Darmawan’s, I found that not only me, the only person who has sleep disorder or any other problems.
    I found the new perspective of life, its more better than before. There’re still lot of young and old people who have its own problems of their life, so they should go to psychiater or psychologist.
    I talk to them, why they are here, what is the problem and how long they should have this medication.
    All of them, especially me, want to be free from any other treatment or medication, we want to live without Psychologist or Psychiater…hahaha =D
    Its more easier now for me, to live a better life, since I TRUST my Psychologist and Psychiater to be more honest to myself and to public. I realize, that its not so bad to have a treatment or medication by them, because I need them…I want to see the film ‘The Soloist’ since you posted them to your blog here. I believe, a problem has its own answer, and I have found my own answer. I hope we all stay healthy and learned a lot from this experience 😉

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