Christmas Season in Jakarta

Last year, I went to Singapore for a reunion with ex-Thomas More residents on December. As a result, I was addicted to take pictures of Christmas trees, simply wherever I could find them. One of my friend threw joke on me as a Christmas-tree-addict!

This year, I had a chance to visit Jakarta, as a part of my scholarship in Psychological training in human rights issues (post is coming up!). I just want to upload a few photos of Christmas Season in Jakarta.

Huge Christmas Tree at Plaza Indonesia
Santa and his surf board at Grand Indonesia
The Dancing Water Fountain at Grand Indonesia
Christmas Tree at outside Grand Indonesia

… and finally, my house-will-be during Christmas day (hopefully in the next few years!). Oh how I wish to celebrate white Christmas with my loved ones!

My dream Christmas decoration

I wish you all a wonderful Christmas celebration and a fabulous New Year ahead. My prayer is with you all!

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