The Warmth of Christmas

Christmas is here!

I used to spend Christmas day with my family back at my hometown. We had an annual visit to a Carmelites monastery about an hour driving from our house. We spent the Christmas eve there as a family and enjoying the abundant grace from the Lord for our family. I learned since very young that Christmas is meant to be a warm and loving season with our loved ones. I believed in Santa Claus, who always gave presents for Christmas day. Well, even though later on I found that the real Santa was my parents, I still believe in the miracle of Christmas day.

This year, I have to be somewhere else. I’ve spent this morning of Dec 24 by watching great Christmas shows by Michael Buble, Lady Antebellum and (now playing) Glee. The show remind me of how important it is to be loved and to be close with your family.

Image I really want to be home right now, but life has given me something else today. I will celebrate the mass with my fiance, with mt new family.

Christmas is not about the decoration, not about the party – but it is about the warmth, togetherness and the joyful feeling of being a family.

Have a Merry Christmas, everyone! May this season brings lots of love for you and your loved ones.

Christmas Season in Jakarta

Last year, I went to Singapore for a reunion with ex-Thomas More residents on December. As a result, I was addicted to take pictures of Christmas trees, simply wherever I could find them. One of my friend threw joke on me as a Christmas-tree-addict!

This year, I had a chance to visit Jakarta, as a part of my scholarship in Psychological training in human rights issues (post is coming up!). I just want to upload a few photos of Christmas Season in Jakarta.

Huge Christmas Tree at Plaza Indonesia

Santa and his surf board at Grand Indonesia

The Dancing Water Fountain at Grand Indonesia

Christmas Tree at outside Grand Indonesia

… and finally, my house-will-be during Christmas day (hopefully in the next few years!). Oh how I wish to celebrate white Christmas with my loved ones!

My dream Christmas decoration

I wish you all a wonderful Christmas celebration and a fabulous New Year ahead. My prayer is with you all!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

It’s just a simple message to say Merry Christmas to all of you… Wishing you all a blessed celebration of Christmas and joyful life for the Lord has born =)


Looking back to my childhood days, it was so nice and excited to know that Santa Claus would come and bring present for me. I was very excited to hung up my sock with a long list of requests inside of it. Well, as a child I never knew the postal address of my Santa, so I just put my request list inside my sock. The reindeer was so greedy, for he always ate up the whole green grass that I’ve prepared! What a beautiful story I had as a child…

I really wish the children these days know that this is Christmas. A moment when all family bend together and all woulds are healed. A moment when our Savior born and bring peace to our lives. A moment to cherish…

Have a Happy – Merry Christmas! May God bless you abundantly….


Interview with God

I got this email from a friend. At first, I thought it was just another email about God. But then, I found out that it was not. It was a video about conversation with God. The answers that God gave were amazing. The advices that He shared were deep. And most of all, His presence was eternal. It was really the interview with God.


I have been joined the Catholic Charismatic for 4 years and it’s been a life changing. The way I see God’s presence and His works upon my life has been changed. I also learned a lot about Bible and its meaning. Well, bible it’s not merely words written, but it has a deeper meaning than that. It contains the God’s words and the stories of the ancestors who lived their lives in front of God. Sometimes they fell into temptations, but God forgive them, as He would forgive us when we repent.

Anyway, Christmas is coming soon and I’m so excited. I used to celebrate Christmas as part of tradition, but now I can feel it differently. The way I see Christmas has been changed since 2006. I perceived Christmas as a time when our Savior comes and forgive us for our trespasses. He gave me a new life since I received my Penitence Sacrament that year, with Fr. Pachalis O. Carm.  Awesome, right!


So, watch the video … and feel the presence of God! Be blessed!