Sacrament of Reconciliation

This Sunday mass (June 13, 2010) was about reconciliation. The first reading (2Sam12:7-10,13) was talking about King David after his sinful action with Bathsheba, the wife of Uriah.

King David was committed to 3 sinful actions at once. First, he slept with Bathsheba, who happened to be the wife of his own soldier. Second, he planned a strategy to killed Uriah at war. Third, he disregard the Lord with his wrongdoing.

God was so angry and He sent Nathan to talk to King David. At last, the king admitted that he was wrong and he asked for forgiveness from the Lord. He was forgiven, he received the sacrament of reconciliation through the hands of Nathan. God forgave King David, but … the consequences of his sinful actions following him and his offsprings.

The Gospel was taken from Luke 7:36 – 8:3. It was about a sinful woman who came to visit Jesus and washed His feet with her tears. She then wept His feet with her hair and pour out the cologne unto His feet. Jesus said that her action was her way to reconcile, to ask forgiveness from Jesus – the Lord.

For me personally, being a sinful person is my natural being. It is our natural being as human being! But it doesn’t mean that we can’t choose to live in a Godly way. Referring to the homily of Fr. Adrian (last first Friday mass), we have made with the image of God in everyone of us. Therefore, we can choose our action, either to live in ungodly ways or to stay in a Godly way. It is our own personal choice to make.

Having sacrament of reconciliation is like having fresh air in the midst of our hectic life. I had mine this morning and I was so glad to listen to Fr. Sixtus short preach. He said that analyzing others is not a sin. The next step is counted as a sin, only if we judge others based on our analyses. We tend to look down at other people when we know something bad about that person. That is sin! But if we can count the goodness on that person, it means that we use our analyses for a good purpose.

So, doing Godly or ungodly actions is a choice. Asking for repentance or not, is also a choice.

Make your choice wisely …
Have a blessed Sunday!

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