Personal Review: Sex and The City 2

I watched Sex and The City 2 yesterday (Thursday) during lunch time. I was in the solitary mood and not watching a kind of ‘heavy movie’ and so I bought the ticket for myself.

The beginning of the movie was quite cute, gay wedding! It confirmed me even more about the numbers that gay are indeed increasing high nowadays. As a friend of many gays and gay couples, I surely happy to know that now they can marry legally. In that movie, the parents of one broom (bride and groom) were very supportive. They sent their son to the altar for the wedding ceremony.

One thing that bothers me a lot with gay stuff is the religion. I’m a Catholic and certainly I know that God created Adam and Eve to be together. God didn’t create Adam and Steve (I read this on ‘Philadelphia’ movie) to be together. But in the midst of my weariness regarding religion, I hold firmly to one important law, that God loves them because God created every person the same way, to bear the image of God.

Back to the movie, as a woman, I love their fancy shoes!!! The dress were way too much for my personal taste, except the black dress that Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) wore to a movie premiere (so simple and elegant). I envy the shoes that she wore, even she wore them inside the apartment. While watching the movie, I counted the money that need to be spent if I want to buy the same shoes (LoL).

I love the lesson from the relationships that these four women shared in the movie. No one has the same kind of giving and taking, no one has the same kind of enjoying their marriage/relationship. But nonetheless, the happiness is something that they have, somehow.

My focus was on the relationship of Big and Carrie. Big is a kind of traditional guy who loves to spend times at home – watching TV, read books and enjoying simple dinner at home. While Carrie was so worry if their marriage would turn into a boring one. Until one day, when she got trouble after kissing his ex, Aidan, during her trip to Emirat Arab. Carrie then realized that the simple life of marriage is not always classified as boring.

I pictured the warmth that they shared when they had classic movie together before bed time, or when they had dinner at home on their wedding anniversary. It was simple, but sincere and deep. I think that’s something worth to do. We usually fancy the glam relationship of fine dining, having a palm big of diamond ring or enjoying the crowd on night time. While doing so, we lose the meaning of being together. We fancy the glamorous accessories and simply forgetting the essence of two become one.

I’m not a relationship expert, but I think Big is one. He knows the meaning of spend time together with Carrie and he certainly knows how to forgive his partner when Carrie end up kissing her ex.

Is there any other Big, who’s still single out there?

Enjoy your relationship, everyone!

2 thoughts on “Personal Review: Sex and The City 2

  1. there must be at least another 2 Bigs out there darl…
    one for me, one for you! hahahhaha….

    well done! u should find a good publisher to put you on a rocket and send you to all International writers festifal!


    1. I’m flattered! Hahahaaa .. Still lot of works to do on my writing style and content. But def living the dream of publishing my work, just like Carrie!

      Mr Big … Unfortunately he’s taken. And wishing for another Mr Big? Let’s wish hard!!! =)

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