My Offering To God

I went to a Friday mass this evening at World Trade Centre, Surabaya. The celebrant was Father Adrian A. During his homily, he said this sentence – and repeat that! – :
“Your life now is a gift from God. But what you’ll become is your gift for God!”

I’m writing this after having a thought on that sentence. I imagine myself as an offering unto God. I was made by His hands and I have the image of God in me. When I live in this world, I always have choices to make: remembering the image of God in me and act based on it; OR forgetting the image of God in me and act based on my needs.
If I choose to carry on with the image of God in me, then I will make myself as an appropriate offer to God! If I choose otherwise, I’d be like Cain’s offerings unto God.

What do we do when we forgetting the image of God in ourselves?
The main thing that we do is being reckless with the purity of our body. We will tend to disregard our own body and just look at it as piles of flesh. Our body has been made by His hands and God is not a reckless planner. It’s not merely about having free sex, but it also in a way we dress up, what we put into our body (drugs, alcohol) and what we do to protect it.

Looking after the purity of our body takes a lifetime process. We may fall once or twice, but then stop it and move forward. When the hill gets steeper and we fall again, remember to hang on tight to your faith and keep on climbing.

When we finally reach the mountain, we can proudly present ourselves as the offering for God. We’ve been doing our best to keep our body as the best offering for God … And God is looking at every process and trial that we have to keep our body pure. When we fall, sometimes God doesn’t really notice, because He wants to count the good deeds that we do and ignoring (sometimes) our bad actions toward ourselves.

What to do to make ourselves as a good offering?
A question to ask to yourself.

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