When Headmistress Gone Mad

This is a real story that had happened to me last week..

My sister-in-law wanted to send my niece to a well-known after school program in my hometown. It is a well-known program because most of the children I know in Malang went to that program. It is said to be a place for kids to have fun while learning English.

My niece is having good language skills due to the stimulus that she always gets since she was very young. That language skills including English. She understands daily conversation quite well and she knows the proper greetings to say to others. Well, this is the start of the problem, actually.

The lady in the office of that program asked to my sister-in-law about my niece’s language skills. She said that my niece has been taught English since she was very young by me (as an Aunt). Then, the lady asked further whether I am graduated from abroad? My sister-in-law said, yes (because I did graduate from Australia) and now I am having my small business in private tutorial for International school students in Malang. The lady in the office then said, why my niece has to come for the program, if I can teach her by myself. The answer from my sister-in-law was, ‘She is not in town at the moment, because she is doing her Masters in Surabaya’. And that was all the conversation that ever happened… no further conversation face-to-face or through the phone, even though the lady said that she will call my sister-in-law if my niece gets accepted. And she gets no phone calls at all…

My niece’s friends are all accepted in that program, because they don’t have any Aunts or Uncles who have their own business in private tutorial, which is assumed to have the same business intention with that program. Well, in business sake, I will not blame that narrowed decision took by that program’s owner. But, for the sake of their future students (which known as innocent children) she is way too much.

The owner of that place is a wealth lady who is happening to be a headmistress for Primary School in which lots of my students come from. I don’t want to assume anything regarding this thing, but I have to admit that I am pissed by that unwise decision. It makes me promise to myself that I will teach my niece to master English even better than the students in that program. Well, there is always a good side in everything.

When headmistress gone mad, she will make anything possible her way…

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