When Marriage Shattered

This story inspired by my friend, who has her marriage life shattered because of what her husband doing behind her back. He has an affair with unknown numbers of women in his workplace. She only knows one American lady who works with him as his ‘other woman’. I felt pity to her, because she has 2 children to support and also her mother is living with her. I know that her burden is not light to carry, but she’s not quitter, because she keeps on moving forward…

Moving forward when marriage is shattering apart is not an easy movement as well. The difference in defining ‘moving forward’ term may bring someone into the wrong hole (and I’m wishing that she’s not). Moving forward may define an act to move forward with the children per se and end up the marriage because the effect of affair will be discovered by the children later on. Moving forward may also means that my friend will find the better man in the future. Moving forward may also indicates a need to be independent and just leave her husband, even without divorce.

There are so many things to consider if my friend needs to move forward. I am seeing this incident from Indonesian way of seeing things, that we have to include so many people as consideration before coming to the final decision. She has to consider about her own family’s reaction, because she has quite a number of extended family. She also has to think about the reaction of her husband’s family. And if she decided to move forward with someone else, then she also needs to consider about the quality of that person and how his family may react on the decision of getting married. It is very confusing…

I am wondering on what will happen to her children. I am thinking of what will they ask to their mom about their waht-so-called family, if their father did not well-functioning a a father and husband. Or what will they feel if their mom decides to get married with someone else…

I just wish all the best for her! Trully…

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