Me as A Child Psychologist

I think this is the time to upload a brochure that I’ve made with huge efforts!

This is my assignment for Self-Development lecture. Each of us had to make a brochure or pamphlet about ourselves as psychologists. Well, we will be ones in the next 1.5 years.

So, it took me 3 days to finish the whole process. I started with a scratch design in my mind, then I started to push myself to use Corel Draw software. It turned out to be something FUN! I just loved it …

Here it is … a brochure about me as a child psychologist (fingers crossed)

Finally ... I made it!
Finally ... I made it!

PS: Thanks to Boen! Your sharp eyes has helped me out … Support for you! I believe you’ll be one great designer …

One thought on “Me as A Child Psychologist

  1. Cecil, congratz on ur blog..
    2 thumbs up for ur effort 🙂
    (sure, i like it and thxful for ur know-how sharing!)

    Cecil, i think ur broch is a very impressive one.
    u and the scrappy works..have been a long best friend,right..and now it’s getting more sophisticated with the touch of the tech 🙂

    the more important thing is, by creating a physical image, u’re also developing a strong and sound mental note..
    come on, u must be know it better than me, how important a clear mental note is..hehe

    i know u’ll make it Cil, just enjoy ur journey and reap the fruits at the time!!


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