Poem: On My Knees

I look up to the sky – wishing for some clear blue sky

But everywhere I look – I only see cobalt-like color sky

I look down to the path I walk – wishing for some green pasture

And yet – all I see is grey asphalt

I look around – wishing for some brightness to light my day

But then – all around is empty

I wish I can scream – so loud to make the sky shift its color

I wish I can pour out my thoughts – to the green grass

I wish I can be understood – by my surroundings

But again – there is nothing

All I can do – and all I need to do is to bend on my knees

That is the closest I can get to reach Heaven

On my knees – I can see His big hands holding mine

On my knees – I can feel His presence beside me

On my knees – I can feel His hands wipe my tears

I might still see the dark sky – or the dry path

I might still see no one around me

But I am safe and loved

By His love

Picture is taken from my other blog: 365actsofgratitude.wordpress.com

Picture is taken from my other blog: 365actsofgratitude.wordpress.com

Poem: Bleeding Love

It’s been a long while since I wrote a poem. But today, I decided to give myself another go. Hope you all will like it!


I bleed for you, therefore I write this piece

I bleed for you, not because I ask for it

I bleed for you, out of love

Deep inside your heart, you know

Even deeper inside your heart, you feel my love

But somehow, you draw that line

I failed, always did

I could not draw that fine line, and say goodbye

But you did, yes you did

And I bleed on the other side of that line

I cry, but no more tears

I stand still, and it starts bleeding

My heart could not contain it anymore

It must be broken into pieces

In the darkness, I try to pull those pieces together again

Sometimes I wonder, if loving you is a mistake

But I remember that God loves me, with all my wrongs

Therefore I am hoping, you still allow me to love you

Years gone by, and I could not hate you

Replacing the only thing I know about you is impossible

Because it is love

You are love, my love

If now you’re gone, I would let you go

Even if I have to bleed it out

You are love, and still mine

I pray that God would love you even more

And keep you safe on the other side of the line

When you say goodbye

                 When you say goodbye

Me as A Child Psychologist

I think this is the time to upload a brochure that I’ve made with huge efforts!

This is my assignment for Self-Development lecture. Each of us had to make a brochure or pamphlet about ourselves as psychologists. Well, we will be ones in the next 1.5 years.

So, it took me 3 days to finish the whole process. I started with a scratch design in my mind, then I started to push myself to use Corel Draw software. It turned out to be something FUN! I just loved it …

Here it is … a brochure about me as a child psychologist (fingers crossed)

Finally ... I made it!

Finally ... I made it!

PS: Thanks to Boen! Your sharp eyes has helped me out … Support for you! I believe you’ll be one great designer …