Farewell for Father Vollering O, Carm

Father Petrus Josephus Vollering passed away on October 9, 2008. He was born in Zwammerdam on August 25, 1918. I barely knew him, except that I received one of my last penitences from him. I always saw him during Sunday mass, because most of the time I went to Sunday mass in the chapel of the elderly house for Catholic priest, in which he lived there. He was a humble person and was one example of being faithful unto God. On a closing speech, Father Heri O, Carm said that Father Vollering was a favorite priest in Batu, Malang. He dedicated his life for people in Batu since 1997 until 2005! 23 years of dedication…

After Requiem Mass
After Requiem Mass

There was a story about Father Vollering and people in Batu. Back to 2002, Fr Vollering got a serious operation in Netherlands. Knowing a chance that their favorite priest would be moved into an elderly house for Catholic priests, people collected hundreds of signatures to state that they wanted Fr Vollering to stay in Batu for another year. This act of love won Bishop’s heart! And yeah, Fr Vollering stayed for another 3 years in Batu. What a lovely priest they had …

God be with you
God be with you

Farewell for you, Fr …

We believe that God saw your heart of dedication…

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