We are All Connected

Have you ever heard people say that the world is very small? Does it ring a bell? The world is not enough, that’s what James Bond said…

I have realized this fact since a few years ago but I did not notice it. Until yesterday, my best friend told me a story. So, I have two best friends, Roy and Boen. I introduced Boen to Roy last year, and they became friends since then. It turned out that they already had connection before I introduced them.

  • Boen’s sister is Roy’s brother’s friend
  • Boen’s sister is Roy’s colleague at work

It’s a good thing to have all the connections among us. Some of us may be lucky enough to have chances to meet a lot of people, abroad and local. But some of us have to stay in the same small town for the rest of their lives. I have this view because I see myself as a person who loves challenges and adventure, meeting new people and learn more about human being. I love to know that each and every one of us has connection in some ways…

By having connections with others, we can have a chance to learn more from them and vice versa. They can learn from us too. By using the connections that we have, we can continue to know others more in order to respect them.

Let’s use this connection to build a healthy community and a better world (final destination, right)

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