Through The Eyes of A Little Girl

There is a little girl who bears sincerity in her heart and willingly she lend her only tablet cover to her grand Aunty. She said that she could use the cheap cover for a while. She didn't have any understanding that her mother spent certain amount of money to buy that original cover to protect … Continue reading Through The Eyes of A Little Girl

“People First” Day

Today is very special for me, because I saw two "people first" actions at two different location. People first is a new development in special needs area. Its purpose is to change the stigma againts people with special needs. So, instead of saying 'special needs people' we better say 'people with special needs'. It is … Continue reading “People First” Day

Doing Ethics Final Examination

Headaches, nausea and dizzyness are very common among us, graduate students who are having examinations. Yes, we are struggling to finish the exams well. This semester we have 7 subjects (do not compare the Indonesian education systems with any Western countries system), i.e.: ethics, research methodologies (qualitative and quantitative), statistics, self-development, psychological assessment and philosophy … Continue reading Doing Ethics Final Examination