“People First” Day

Today is very special for me, because I saw two “people first” actions at two different location.

People first is a new development in special needs area. Its purpose is to change the stigma againts people with special needs. So, instead of saying ‘special needs people’ we better say ‘people with special needs’. It is not blind man, but ‘a man with vision loss’. In this way, we put the people first, and not the disability first.

The first was a man who lost his vision at the gym. He was with a young woman – I don’t know who she is. This young woman led the man to a number of different practice machines. She was very gentle and she smiled! I could sense the genuineness of her heart while she’s doing so.

Secretly, I was watching the whole process of how she treated the man. I was strucked in awe …

Second, was a father who asked his beautiful daughter to have lunch at local food centre. His daughter was a student with intellectual disabilities, also known as mental disability. She has Down Syndrome and I knew because it was easily noticed from her physical features. This gorgeous Dad was helping her to button up her loosen skirt, without hesitation.

As a person, I am so thankful with what I saw today. When we know how to put other people first, we will find this world as a better place.

Writing is my way to share it to you.

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