Different Shoes, Different Point of View

I was driving back to Malang when I saw this view: about 7-10 motorcycles park in the edge of a bridge above train station. For me, it was weird for they were looking down and saw the trains. And that was it. No other views, nothing. All they could see from above was the trains. But then, I slow down and I tried to look at what they did. I saw one father was holding his son and explained to him about the trains (my guess, for he pointed at the trains). Another couple was doing the same thing. They explained to their children about the trains.

Real life lesson
Real life lesson

The example above is one proof that each of us wear different kind of shoes. It is a paradigm to show that we are different with each other in a way of viewing the same event. I might think that looking down to the train station from a bridge above it, was weird and unimportant. But for those folks, they might educate their children that way! Easy, cheap and straight to the point. None of us can get the blame in this case. I was right because for me, I can teach my nieces or nephews by showing them the cards, books, videos about trains. I can even ask them to have a ride on a train. But for those people who have to work during weekdays and have no money to buy books on trains, a moment of looking down from the bridge is enough. They will ask no more.

Another example is about enjoying fast food. I have to admit that I love fast food at certain times. Like when I’m with Elizabeth, we will definitely go for fast food (fast to make us fat!). For us, who have the opportunity of eating those kind of expensive food, we might think differently with those who have no extra money. For us, fast food is just another day in our life. We can enjoy it everytime we want to or when we have no time to eat and just grab fast food from drive-thru. But for other people, having fast food in their menu is something big. They might save for sometimes before they can buy some food for their children. If you go to fast food restaurant, try to look at those people who really enjoy their meals! It is not because they are greedy, but they have rare opportunities to enjoy such food.


What I’m trying to say here is the different view that we have as human being. We do not need to blame others for their different way of thinking. Note one thing, there is such thing as right vs wrong. But in some cases, we should aside that everlasting fight and respect they way others think on certain event.

What do you think of this situation: A father who would rather sell his only old car to pay for his son’s school fee. He has to walk 3 kilometers one way to his workplace. So, he has to walk 6 kilometers each day. Every day he would come home in a very tired condition. Will you think he is a stupid man? or a thoughtful father?

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