Retrieving My Blog!

It’s been more than a year since the last time I wrote in here.

Back to 2018, I had a lot of happenings. I was pregnant and gave birth to my second child, a cute and super-easy baby girl. I was accepted into Doctoral degree program at QUT and finally, received a full scholarship from the same institution. I resigned from my previous role as the Engagement Manager for QUT International and made the bold move to Brisbane with my family. At last, we have the opportunity to touch base every night and to dwell with everything we have on daily basis.

Before I moved to Brisbane, I had one plan to close and terminated all of my blogs – all three of them. The first one is related to Psychological association in East Java (IPK Indonesia wilayah Jawa Timur), second is about my passion on children and education, and lastly, this platform. I managed to hand over the first one, I closed the premium service for the second one and I lost my connectivity to this platform! I could not retrieve the email that was associated with this blog, nor request a new password. Turned out, I associated this blog to the wrong email and WordPress Happiness Engineer helped me sorted out this issue a few days ago. So now I am back online and terminate the plan to close this blog.

As a graduate student, I have found myself in a different kind of community, both offline and online. I left Facebook for some reasons, I rarely check my Instagram account and somehow, activate my half-dead Twitter and blog again. Aging issue? Maybe. But I could find a lot more support and likeness in those two platforms. Well, you know that the same birds flock together.

I will merge the content from my second blog here and hopefully I can get myself do a nice job to polish this ol’ blog of mine.

Have a good day to you all!

It is good to be back!

Cheers, Cicilia

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