Leave Your Judgment Unto God

Once I read in the Bible that judgment is not our part, but His part. I didn’t understand back then, for I thought that we could freely judge others – because we have common sense and knowledge on what life should be. But I was wrong.

When I judge others, I actually express who I really am. When I talk about others, I actually judge them as worse than me. As if I’m saying that ‘I am better than the others’.

I know how it feels to be judged by others. It is rarely a fair judgment. Why? Because as Jung said, it is hard to think through and stop judging. It is easier to judge. Even though those who judge won’t be happy if they are judged the way they did to others.

As I grow in my professional work, I learned to see that life is not just one-sided story. My success story won’t necessarily be successful for others. Therefore, there’s no point of judging others because they are simply different than us. They have their side of the stories. If they share it with you, keep it. Embrace it. Value it. But never judge them – for we know nothing of their struggle.

We may judge a mother as being lack of discipline and time for her children. We never know that she is a single parent with 3 children and she has to work 2 jobs everyday. We may judge a fat man as being greedy. What we don’t know is he has genetic condition that he ought to bear for the rest of his life. We may judge one as being unprofessional because she wears jeans to a wedding party. We might not know that those pair of jeans is the best clothes she has.

You may judge others, if you are not a sinner. Just like what Jesus said to those men who were about to stone a woman to death. When He allowed them to throw the stones, as long as they have no sins – one by one they left the woman alone. So, leave your judgment unto God. And make a better life for your neighbor.

Have a good start of this week!

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