We Are All Alone

I’ve read the book of Mother Teresa of Calcutta, Come be My Light, a few years ago. At first I didn’t know what to expect from the book, but after I started – I was terrified. If you think I got some spiritual strength, you’re guessing wrong. I was simply terrified.

In that book, I learned that Mother Teresa was being left alone by God for 20 years! God never answered her prayers and she had to struggle on her own. And yet, she never quit from her calling.

These past few weeks, for some reasons, I have think of aloneness again – and it drifted me back to Mother Teresa again. One of my friend ever asked me, if I ever had one hour with one person who had died, who would that be. My answer was Mother Teresa. I want to know how she could survive those aloneness and didn’t quit her way.

I came to realization that we are all alone. We were born alone and will die alone – I knew that. But what I just realized is the fact that we are all alone even in between birth and death. We are surrounded by a lot of people, we meet a lot of people along the way – but the nature of being alone is there.

Have you ever feel alone even when your partner is next to you? When you share about your dreams and your partner seems to be in La La Land? Or when you talk to your parents and they only need to hear you – without any intention of listening to you? Those are some simple examples of the fact that we are all alone. We never be ready for this, but it is something that we have to deal with.

What to do then? Keep on going. Keep on loving. Because as Mother Teresa said, “I give because I have so much love to give”.

Have a reflective weekend!

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