This is For You, Dad

July 31st, 2013.

Happy 62nd birthday, Dad!
I wish I could run to you and kiss you first in the morning on your special day. But I won’t be able to do it today – since I’m away from home.

I write this letter to express my gratitude of having you as my Dad.
Thank you for the love that you have for Mom and us – children and grandchildren.
Thank you for your guidance and companionship throughout these years, Dad.

I truly miss our intense discussion on American Idol. How we idolised Simon Cowell and Steve Tyler as the most proper judges of the show.
I remember your comment every year, that you can predict the big 3 since the first 12 finalists came up on stage! That’s so you, Dad!
From Carrie Underwood to David Cook. From Daughtry to Joshua Leddett.
You were truly my sparing partner in discussion – on everything.

Thank you for your advice and guidance on how hard life can be. And how tough a man can be.
Since very young, you dislike every moment if I asked someone else to finish my art work. You would be very angry toward that person and double angry to me. You wanted me to learn to give my best effort in everything that I do. You said, it is better to get 0 for your own work, than to get a 100 after someone else did the work for you. Now, I can do things on my own and I believe in myself that I’m capable of doing many things.

Thanks for all the fights and arguments. Those moments help me to always be prepared in maintaining my position and be reasonable to win it!
You dislike unnecessary arguments or illogical thoughts. You taught me to be ready and prepared before I start the argument.
I still remember the moment when you told me that you hated my first boyfriend during high school year! You said that he was not a good man. You knew it, but you couldn’t win me – because at that time, your argument was unreasonable for me. Later on I realized that you were right! He was not and will never be a suitable partner for me.

Thanks for being there for me, Dad. By just being there, I know that I am loved by you. All those phone calls after dinner time and the silly questions that you asked me – that’s how you show your love for me. Whenever you think of me, you would ring my phone – no matter how far we were separated away.
When I hit the lowest point of my life, you gave me your hands and lifted me up. You didn’t say too much, but you said enough. And that’s what I love about you, Dad.

We might not be able to agree on everything. Like how you couldn’t understand my Jazz taste as much as I couldn’t enjoy your rock music from the 60s. Or when we disagree about which country and culture is the most suitable for you and me. We were definitely went the opposite direction!
But … That’s not the end. We enjoyed the same music too! From Blue to Linkin Park, or Aerosmith to Chris Daughtry. We also enjoy our pizza and action movie date! You know I like Harry Potter and I know how many times you said that you could not understand it.

Despite all of those differences that we have, we spoke the same language. I won’t forget those sparks in your eyes when I handed you two tickets of Eric Clapton’s concert for you and mom. Or your smile when I opened bunch of Snoopy items that you bought for me. That’s how much we love each other, Dad.

Thanks for letting me kiss and hug you whenever and wherever I feel like doing it. That means a lot to me 🙂

Have a lovely birthday, Dad.
No matter what or where I would be, I will always be your little girl. And you will always be my first love. 

God bless you!

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