Where is Hope?

Being hopeful is never been easy, especially when we see darkness in our surroundings. As a human being, it is typical to believe what our eyes see and what our ears hear. But if we go on with that typicality, we will find ourselves run out of hope soon enough.

We see wars. We hear killings.
We see blood. We hear tears.
We see break up. We hear regret.
Too many sadness and frustration wrap us around. It is like being in the darkness and we see nothing around us.

How can we be hopeful?

Imagine that you are looking out at your window in the middle of the night. You see the dark sky. No clouds, no stars, nor moon. But you know for sure that in the next few hours, the darkness will be gone and you will welcome the sun.


No matter how dark your sky at the moment, believe in your heart that the sun will rise soon enough. It is always darkest just before the dawn. If you have been standing in the darkness long enough, remember that the sun will shine on you – soon!

Have a great weekend.
Love a lot and laugh out loud!

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