Another Side of Sunday Mass

Today (Nov 28) is the first Advent week, in which Catholic church is welcoming the new year of liturgical calendar – year A. There are 3 years of liturgical calendar – A, B, and C.

I’m not going to write about the liturgical calendar now. Because I’m about to write the other side of Sunday Mass – from my perspective.
My family and I used to celebrate Sunday mass at a small chapel near our house, called St. Elia monastery. It is a very comfortable place for senior pastors from Carmelites. They spend their pension days there. Some of them are still actively involved in church or community activities. But some of them can’t get involved anymore – due to health reasons.

There is one brother, called Brother John. He’s a very honest and down-to-earth man. He is the only child in his family and didn’t join the monastery until he finished his responsibility. After his parents passed away, he sold everything he has and surrendered himself to Christ. He loves doing domestic activities – such as cooking, or arranging the workers at home. And he did his ministry well in the monastery.

After a few years of serving God, he had stroke, which stole his ability to walk. His condition is getting worse each week we went there. Now, he is unable to do his chores, but his heart is still unto God.

Another story comes from Father Vianney, O. Carm. He is one of not-so-many priests who surrender everything unto God’s hands. About 10 years ago, he had stroke and stole away his ability to serve the mass. But that stroke was not his only barrier, he also has many other disabilities, due to health condition. He had gone through so many operations during his serving years, but he never gave up.

This morning, when I saw Fr. Vianney sat on his wheelchair and wet his T-shirt with saliva, I saw the image of God. I saw his smile – in the middle of his pain. I shook his hands twice, during the mass and after the mass ended. His hand-shaking is still as strong as I used to know.

Honestly to say, today’s mass really touched me, not just through the Gospel – but also from the workers of God. They are faithful, because our God is faithful to His promises.

Happy Sunday to all of you!
Happy Sunday to all the Catholic priests, brothers and sisters!
May the Lord bless you!

Writing is my way to share it to you.

3 thoughts on “Another Side of Sunday Mass

  1. Cecille….
    don’t label Brother John as an honest person… it will be a burden for him =P

    anyway nice writing….

    I love Advent, because I could sing Kyrie and Sanctus (in its original language) hohoho

  2. I labeled him as an honest person, from my experiences and not because I want him to be an honest person.

    Hohohoh and that’s all about Advent? Don’t bother … God seeks everyone’s heart!

  3. Hi Cicil,

    hopes you remember me, we met before you went to oz :).
    Your writings are touching and strengthening my faith.
    It is so good to know that you are still a devoted Catholic after so many years from high school.

    god bless and keep writing.

    fr. Vianney that you wrote might be the one checking our ‘tatibsi’ book (tata tertib siswa) during my high school years @ Dempo.
    I would take a visit to the pension monastery to be sure of it.
    thanks for the news.

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